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Wix Review 2019: Create a Free Website Easily With Wix empowers everyone to implement the website at ease and establish the online business. In the past few years, the tremendous change in the website development has occurred. Earlier, developing the website was not a piece of cake for everyone, but now with the advents of various platforms and frameworks, anyone with basic knowledge in the website’s features not only can develop the application, but also host on the specified server.     

Around 80% of world’s population is connected with the Internet, which shows that the Internet is a huge pool of audience. Therefore, to widen the customer base in today’s cut-throat competition, executing a website is an excellent way. A website acts as a bridge between the company and audience, if it possesses the important features such as:

  • Excellently designed template to offer pleasing user-experience
  • Packed with W3C standards (Structure wise coding) 
  • SEO-oriented (search engine friendly)
  • Secure & reliable hosting
  • User-friendly menu and navigation

Nowadays, various online web development frameworks are available in the market that ease the way for novice to build the website and make it live on the server. The web development platform comes with an integrated environment that offers everything to the user for developing the standard website.

The one online platform that has grabbed the attention of millions of users is Wix. It is the most powerful platform that comes with lots of smart features. It supports different types of astonishing templates and feature-rich widgets that speed up the development process and boost the business.

Wix: Brief Introduction is a cloud-based website development framework serving millions of users globally. This platform simplifies the task for everyone to develop an impressive and professional web presence. There is no need of coding skills for you to set up the business online. In this platform, you will find various amazing features such as:

1. Fabulous Collection Of HTML5 Templates: Here, you will get the hundreds of HTML5 templates of different themes, such as Advertising marketing, Entertainment, Music, Blog, Photography, Creative Arts and many more. You can also add page transition effects, page protection and many more.

Here some templates will be added

2. Drag and Drop Functionality: Designing a website on this platform is very playful, after picking up the relevant template, you just need to drag & drop the image on the specified position according to your business. There is an image editor that help user customize the image.

3. Secure and Reliable Hosting: This platform facilitates the domain name search and registration for different Top Level Domains. Moreover, it supports reliable and secured hosting that boost the performance of the website as well as secure it from different problems. 

4. Support Amazing Apps: This platform comes with an array of feature-rich apps that optimize the functionality of your website and make it interactive.

5. Simplify E-Commerce Business: not only enables you to build E-Commerce website, but also provides store management functionality that boosts the performance of your business.

6. Ensure Search Engine Friendly Website: Wix follows Google, Bing and other search engines guidelines to make the website search engine friendly as well as enhance the presence of the website among the audience. There is an option for adding the meta title, descriptions and keywords.   

7. Optimizing Website On Mobile: There is a option that optimizes the view of your website for mobile, which enhances the user experience on the mobile phone.

WiX Portfolio : Astounding Creative Work        

WiX puts no bar on creativity. By using this platform, user can go beyond the imagination and publish the astounding website of any type, such as Blogging website, E-commerce website, etc. Let’s have a glance over the portfolio:

WiX Subscription Plan

WiX comes with a unique flexible plan that costs minimum and gives prolific benefits of developing and hosting the website. Let’s have glance over the subscription model:
WiX makes the website development the simplest, it is like imagining the website and transform it into live one. There are some other platforms similar to WiX, but in terms of the qualities and services, this platform outperforms the others.


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