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Three ways to get unlimited traffic to your website

It’s the lifeblood of any internet business. You have to get eyeballs on your offer to make sales and generate leads.
Here are the top three ways I’m getting unlimited traffic to my sites.

Endorsed Traffic

The best traffic you can get and the highest converting is always going to be endorsed traffic.
Endorsed traffic is simply when someone with a list of subscribers or a large social media following recommends your product or service.
The endorsement is powerful because you have leveraged the credibility and good reputation of the endorser. It’s like saying, “She’s cool. Check out her stuff.” I have used this method for the site SimplePayday and it worked great as I had a well-known celebrity tweet my link. What followed was a sharp surge in customers’.
Here’s a quick (and free) way to get a list of the top endorsers in your market.
1.      Google the top 3-5 keywords that describe your product or service.
2.      Visit the top 5-10 sites.
3.      Contact the owner of the site (if you can’t find it check and offer something of VALUE to them. If they have a blog, offer to guest post.
The trick is to establish a relationship with this person before you just ask them to promote your stuff to their followers.
Lead with value - That alone is a million dollar tip.
Media Buys
A media buy just means that you are running a banner ad on a site in your market. Banner advertising is hot and lots more people click on those banners than you would think.
The trick is to make your banner either blend into the site you’re running on or stick out like a tacky sore thumb. Both styles will get clicks.
To find the sites use the same steps above. Google your search terms, contact the site owners and look to see if they have an advertising program.
You can often get a prominent placement for an entire month for just a few hundred dollars and you can get great looking banner ads made for $5 at

Direct Mail

One of the best ways to get targeted FRESH leads to your site is by going offline! You can rent a mailing list for cheap from various sites, they simply require you to enter your keywords.
I did a simple search on the term ‘real estate investing’ and it came back with 500 lists that I can rent.
Choose the list that will match your offer the best and make sure the leads are no older than 60-90 days old. And that they are BUYER leads.
The rates will be shown in the thousands so a rate of 0$105/M means that the price is $105 for 1,000 leads from the list.
I tested a list by sending a postcard and inviting them to register for a webinar and we had a 21% sign up rate on our first test!
Considering that most say an average response rate from direct mail is 1-3% I’d say we knocked it out of the park.
And you can, too.
Let’s say you spent $105 to get just 1,000 leads. If 210 came to your site and 2% bought your $97 product that’s about $400 in sales. Back out your costs and you have a nice little profit.

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Three ways to get unlimited traffic to your website
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